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At this page and the following pages, I have compiled only a very small part of my family research results and published on the Internet in order to make them accessible to other interested parties. I'll update these pages from time to time, and expand.

The ancestors in the family Holger G.H. Rudolph come mainly from the following areas of in Germany

. Schlesien, Breslau and the metropolitan area of Breslau.
. Sachsen, the metropolitan area of Dresden, Fischendorf, Tragnitz und Leisnig.
. Norddeutschland, Bremen and the metropolitan area.
. Franken, and the metropolitan area of Erlangen und Aisch.
. Bayern, and the metropolitan area of Ingolstadt.
. Harz, the metropolitan area of Stecklenberg.

Information about the Holger G. H. Rudolph Family

Welcome to the home of the Holger G. H. Rudolph genalogy database. The name 'Rudolph' is most likely arose in the 14th and the 16th century through a derivation of the name Rudolf or Rudolph. The stemming of Rudolph comes from the Germanic and has the meaning of 'Hrudolf', the glory-Wolf. The name 'RUDOLPH' in my family line is detectable in Dresden and Tragnitz from the church books only until about 1812, before my ancestors probably even in this area were present mostly as craftsmen and peasants. The oldest verifiable sources about the direct ancestors of Simone and Miriam Rudolph go back to the year 1600, it concerns the family 'Wierichs' in the Wesermarsch. The oldest ancestors in the family can be but in the year 1300 back traced. 22 Generations family are included in my database. The oldest ancestor in this family database is 'Dude', dude was 1300 in Ruhwarden, born in Butjadingen. He married his wife Rammot circa 1330 in Rodenkirchen in close proximity within of brake. The wife of dude was circa 1305 Jeverland, Frieslandgeboren. Dude is the great-grandfather 19 degree of my granddaughter.The direct relation of zwischenmeiner granddaughter and Syabbe Wierichs, who was born in 1600 is evidenced by documents. Because of the relatively low mobility in ancient times was married also nearby (30-40 km), so there are many relationships in the rural environment. Fishing village, Leisnig, Gorschmitz in Saxony and Bremen would here to name a few. The oldest identifiable ancestor in the name line direct 'RUDOLPH' is 'Karl Gottlieb Rudolph'. About 1840, 'Karl Gottlieb Rudolph' was born in the city of Dresden in Saxony, Germany. By profession, Karl Gottlieb Rudolph gas Wärter or even lighting overseer was called in Dresden. His parents were most likely from Dresden or the surroundings of Dresden. Despite intensive investigations into the archive in Dresden, no note about the parents of Karl Gottlieb Rudolph could be discovered in the church registers of the Church of the cross. Probably this is a note that Karl Gottlieb Rudolph as a child is involved with his parents or later only to Dresden. But, the time oldest ancestor in the pedigree of the family of Rudolph in the line of Rudolph is Andreas book home from Gorschmitz in Saxony. Andreas Buchheim was born in 1760, he died in 1830.


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